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reserve by phone: 604.879.6000  
  Use this form only if there is at least 2 days from today to the desired pick up date.
  If there is less than 2 days between today and the pick up date, please phone in a reservation.
  So don't use this form to make a reservation for pick up tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.

  DATES OF DEC.21/14 to JAN.2/15

Reservation Dates
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Pickup the day before you need the equipment. Drop off the day after your last day of skiing.
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Reservation Policy

There are no refunds on confirmed reservations. This is because once the equipment is set aside for you, it cannot be rented to somebody else. So unless you are 100% sure you need the equipment, please do not place a reservation.
NOTE about reservation dates
For current store hours
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Equipment can be picked up the evening before and dropped off the morning after the last day of use. For example, for a one day Saturday rental, you can pick up on Friday after 2PM and drop it off Sunday before 2PM. When booking equipment book the date you are picking up the equipment, and the date you will be dropping it off. You will only be charged for the days of use.
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